Google Classroom Code

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!

A couple of people have asked for the code for Google Classroom.

It is: yun23dh

Let me know if there are any issues.

8 thoughts on “Google Classroom Code

  1. Dear miss M, I am unaware of the mymaths school username and password me and seher were revising and went onto mymaths but she didnt now the password for the school one so please can you tell us


  2. Hi Miss M, I tried the code for the Google Classroom but it is saying that it the wrong code,so can you please tell me what to do because I have tried my best.


    1. Hi Annam, I’ve tried to phone a few times to walk you through it but haven’t been able to get through- it’s tricky to explain in writing! 🙂 I can phone now if you’re able to talk? Would that be ok?


    1. Hi Annam, Mr Cooper has sent a guide on accessing Google Classroom to your gmail. Do you have access to your school gmail account? Let me know if not and I can text you the login details.


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